Professor Nasser D. Khalili is a world-renowned scholar, collector and philanthropist. His mission is to use the power of art and education to foster peace and unity worldwide.


“Glory belongs to God and humility belongs to man”

Professor Nasser D. Khalili


“While politics and religion have their own language, the language of art is universal”

Professor Nasser D. Khalili

Comments & Reviews

"Professor Khalili’s contribution to the world of art and culture is unparalleled, and for him to be called the Medici of the 21st century is no exaggeration."

Waqas Ahmed - Editor, First Magazine - 2015

"He’s an unparalleled Art Collector"

Ernest Veen - Director of De Nieuwe Kerk and Hermitage Amsterdam - 2010

"Tonight we are celebrating the outstanding achievements of a deeply humanist man of culture and science, without whom the major exhibition on Hajj at the Arab World Institute could never have taken place. Professor Khalili has shown a unique determination to forge dialogue between cultures and religions and to improve the mutual knowledge of people of different cultures."

Jack Lang - President of the Arab World Institute and former French Minster of Culture - 12 june 2014

"Professor Khalili, of Jewish Iranian heritage, is today one of the world’s greatest ambassadors of culture and Islamic arts. We are honoured that he is with us tonight at the National Assembly."

Claude Bartolone - President of the French National Assembly - 2014

"We Thank Khalili for his contribution to this exhibition"

Dr. Faisal Bin Muammar - Director General of The King Abdulaziz Public Library Saudi Arabia - 2014

"There are frequent flashes of generosity of spirit that cannot be scripted …”
“Like most great philanthropists, he is passionate but there is a certain timeless wisdom about him too."

B Beyond Magazine - 2013
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